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CBD Oil for Christmas

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It has to be difficult for Santa Claus to remain “holly-jolly” the whole night through. After a full evening of flying all across the globe in a sled delivering present after present, he has to be pretty much over it. By the time the sun is starting to rise, you can bet Santa is practically just chucking gifts down chimneys and hoping they land somewhere in the vicinity of the Christmas tree. He may even be outsourcing to elves at that point!

In the best interest of keeping the big guy in the holiday spirit, consider CBD Oil for Christmas this year. There are several benefits of CBD that make perfect sense for extensive holiday travel.

CBD oil

CBD for Mood

First and foremost, if Santa is getting irritable from multiple small chimneys or barking dogs, one of the benefits of CBD is its impact on mood. The body has a natural endocannabinoid system with receptors scattered throughout most organs, including the brain. Cannabinoid receptors have a two-way communication system so that information can be shared. Most other receptors only transfer information one-way. This two-way communication often impacts mood by reducing anxiety and providing a calming effect. A happy Santa is a more generous Santa.  

CBD for Discomfort

No one knows how comfortable the magic sled really is. What if there is turbulence on Christmas Eve? If you have ever been on a really long flight or road trip, you understand how uncomfortable sitting in the same seat can be.

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Anandamide is an endocannabinoid with the ability to block pain receptors. Receptors in the endocannabinoid system inhibit production of the enzyme that breaks down the neurotransmitter “anandamide.” More anandamide equals less discomfort. This includes discomfort from uncomfortable positions. One of the benefits of CBD is the ability to increase anandamide. 

CBD can also be applied topically to interact with receptors directly underneath the skin. Receptra Targeted Topical may be a great option for CBD Oil for Christmas. Santa could probably use it on his shoulder after hauling around that big sack of presents.  Or, maybe his lap after being sat on all day.

CBD for Upset Tummy

Just like at a potluck, you can’t be sure how the food was prepared. This is especially true when the bakers are likely under the age of 10 or so. Santa usually has a stomach of steel. But a bad batch of snickerdoodles and some twists and turns in the sled could leave Santa feeling green instead of red. The benefits of CBD could help. 

Studies have shown uses for CBD in coping with upset tummies. CBD has been found to interact with serotonin releasing receptors that help settle the stomach. CBD’s cousin, THC has also shown positive effects on upset stomachs. This means that Full-Spectrum CBD oil for Christmas could make for a much more pleasant evening of cookies and milk.

receptra naturals

So, when you put the cookies and milk out for Santa, make sure to leave a bottle of CBD Oil and a container of Targeted Topical. Expect a few bites out of the cookies, as well as a few new fingerprints in the Target Topical. You can even use CBD oil in your cookie recipe! CBD makes a great addition to many foods and beverages. 

The benefits of CBD oil will help keep Santa in the Holiday Spirit through the whole night. And you can bet that CBD oil for Santa Claus is sure to put YEW on the nice list!

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