California’s First Cannabis-Infused Wine Sold At Torrey Holistics

Cannabis-Infused Wine
Written by Linda Barrett

As we originally posted last year, a California winery with “a rebellious spirit,” released the world’s first alcohol-removed, cannabis-infused wine, Rebel Coast.  Currently sold out online (due to popular demand,) the premium Sauvignon Blanc is only available at Torrey Holistics, the recipients of the first recreational cannabis license in the state of California.  Reminiscent of the craft beer explosion of the late 90’s, we’ve all seen the trend of cannabis and CBD cocktails, restaurant dishes and products popping up all around San Diego. However, this is the first time a THC-infused, non-alcoholic wine has been available to consumers.

“We are obsessed with this cannabis-infused wine,” a consultant from Torrey Holistics said about Rebel Coast. “This is the perfect beverage to give you those relaxed, feel-good vibes, without sending you straight to the couch.”

Cannabis-Infused Wine

After recreational cannabis was legalized by the state, Rebel Coast Winery rolled out a Sauvignon Blanc that replaces the alcohol content with 20mg of sativa-dominant THC. Each glass breaks down to 5mg of THC, which is enough to mimic the giddy, intoxicating effects of a glass of wine without the next-day hangover. Phew. For what it’s worth, the wine does not taste or smell like cannabis, but instead a crisp California Sauv Blanc.

Needless to say, this is exciting news for wine-lovers and cannabis-lovers, and is the perfect birthday present or holiday gift for a 420-friendly friend.

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