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A Lake View, Mexican Food & Margaritas At Hernandez Hideaway

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Have you ever sipped on a margarita and thought, “whoever came up with this concoction was a genius!”? Well, while a handful of people have laid claim to bringing us this awe-inspiring adult beverage, you can find some of its history right here in San Diego county at Hernandez Hideaway.

Sitting at the edge of Lake Hodges in Escondido (off of Del Dios highway,) its founder, Al Hernandez, is credited with creating, or at least refining, the margarita in the 1940’s. Today, you can get some of the best margaritas in Southern California at this quaint little restaurant / bar by the glass, half-pitcher or full pitcher. Oh, and the food ain’t too shabby, either!

Hernandez Hideaway

Now, some history. Al Hernandez and his wife Helen had a spot in the Bird Rock area of La Jolla in 1947.  In an effort to drive business, they gave away FREE margaritas and, go figure, it worked!

Decades later in 1972, they headed to North County and established Hernandez Hideaway in its current location. This spot is a go-to not only for locals, but also for bicyclists who journey up and down Del Dios highway. The delicious food is standard Mexican fare with some more gourmet plates, too, like the lobster burrito. They offer daily lunch specials and Sunday Brunch, as well.

Just about everything is made in-house, including the sauces and beans. And they get tortillas from one of our local SD tortilla factories.

Is it worth the drive to north county for people who live further south? Yup! And if you enjoy one too many margaritas, hang out for some homemade desserts and/or cross the street and take a little stroll along the lake for a bit.

Cheers and thanks, Mr. Hernandez, for adding to the long list of things that make San Diego so rad.

Hernandez Hideaway

19320 Lake Dr, Escondido, CA 92029

(760) 746-1444

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