march and ash

Run (Don’t March) To Mission Valley’s March And Ash

March And Ash

For those living a cannabis-friendly lifestyle in San Diego, there’s no shortage of dispensaries in Mission Valley — specifically, the Camino Del Rio South area of town.  As more shops enter the legal market and sign spinners (#eyeroll) compete for your attention, only the best and most-competitively priced operations will flourish in the eyes, lungs, and wallets of consumers.

Enter March And Ash, arguably one the best cannabis dispensaries in San Diego.

First, aside from being freaking gorgeous, March And Ash has ample parking with 70+ parking spots available on-site.  Upon entering the stylish lobby area, the check-in process is an absolute breeze.  As you enter the actual dispensary, customer service is paramount as you are greeted by a team of cannabis consultants (AKA budtenders) who assist you throughout the shop — which is sectioned off into different areas.

March and ash

The center hub of March And Ash (pictured above) houses a deep, tasty flower selection, all high-quality and lab-tested. Honeycombing off the main flower display are separate areas designated for vape products, concentrates, edibles, clones, and the ultimate — a specialized CBD-only section filled with a wide-variety of products for humans and pets.

No question, March and Ash is a customer-focused, forward-thinking cannabis establishment. 

With Point-Of-Sale stations in every section, the check-out process is beyond seamless and quick.  More importantly, the price-points on all products are, well, on-point. Yes, you will pay standard state taxes (we voted for it,) but you won’t get gouged with crazy retail-prices, extra taxes, or any other weirdness. Well, unless you consider a bear wearing aviator sunglasses weird.

After your first visit to March and Ash, it will be apparent that they want to be your new favorite dispensary in central San Diego.

March and Ash

2835 Camino Del Rio South

San Diego, California 92108

(619) 31-GREEN

Hours: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily


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