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Introducing The World’s First Inflatable Surf Reef

According to reports, the Western Australia city of Bunbury has approved the installation of the world’s first inflatable surf reef at Back Beach, but funding is still needed.

Troy Bottegal, the inventor of AIRWAVE, says in the above Kickstarter video, “ten years ago, I sat at my local beach. Staring sadly at the infinite amount of closeouts, unable to motivate myself to paddle out, I asked myself how could I transform these closeouts into surfable, A-frame peaks?”

After a decade of research, design, and product development, enter the AIRWAVE by Waveco, “an inflatable dome-shaped bladder” constructed from a super resistant, environmentally safe compound that mimics a surf reef.

According to Bottegal, the AIRWAVE creates a bump on the ocean floor that redirects the incoming swell to form a concave wall of water, or perfect, peeling wave.

“These features are very economical and affordable to install in multiple locations along any stretch of beach, creating multiple surf peaks” says the inventor in the video.  However, Troy Bottegal needs to raiseroughly  $180,000 via Kickstarter for the AIRWAVE to become a reality.

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