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Look Out For Hundreds Of Razors In San Diego

razor scooters
Photo Credit: Razor

Now Razors In San Diego? Yup, despite loads of community backlash, scooter pioneers Razor has dropped hundreds of new red and black electric scooters in downtown San Diego (with more on the way.)

Joining legions of scooter sharing / dockless bike companies already operating in the city, the Los Angeles-based company said via statement “with an 18-year reputation for quality and trust, Razor is focused on collaborating with San Diego officials to quickly resolve challenges and be the best partner possible.”

That’s great and all, but, how many scooters can we take? Or, dodge.

Photo by Pete Handelman

As residents and local businesses continue to complain about reckless riders, accidents, and oversaturation, city officials scramble to implement regulations around dockless services (with little success.)  For example, City Councilwoman Barbara Bry tried to pass a temporary ban on scooters in the beach area, but got denied over the summer — hence, the influx of shirtless bros riding scooters down Garnet Ave.

In a related story, assemblyman Todd Gloria just co-authored a bill that, if passed, would allow adults to ride motorized scooters without a helmet — well, that’s one way to eliminate reckless riders. #jokes. While it’s easy to hammer scooters, in fairness, they are fun to ride and Chief Operating Officer for Razor, Danny Simon, is committed to safety saying “our specially designed shared e-scooters create a better shared ride for San Diegans to make the experience convenient, safe, and fun. We are dedicated to continuing to work with the city on how to best be a strong partner for the community.”

Additionally, when signing up to use the service, the rules are VERY clear: “DO ride in bike lanes, wear a helmet, ride safely and park by bike racks and out of the right of way. DO NOT ride on sidewalks, with minors, with more than one person on a scooter, or park in pedestrian walkways, wheelchair accessible paths, driveways, crosswalks or loading zones.”

To find Razors in San Diego near yew, download the app in the Apple AppStore or Google Play.