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Meditating With CBD

By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD, or cannabidiols, the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana that boasts medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Personally, CBD has helped me manage PTSD and other mental-health related issues. For others, with its strong anti-inflammatory properties, CBD provides relief from nagging aches and pains. But, what about meditating with CBD? It’s on.

CBD meditation

I recently attended a CBD-tea meditation ceremony at a private residence in Encinitas. Hosted by The Green Life App, a social media app for cannabis consumers, and BOL Meditation of Los Angeles, the event started with the consumption of a delicious, soothing CBD-infused tea (prepared by the hosts.) After 30 minutes of mingling with like-minded attendees, the relaxing effects of the tea began to settle in. As social anxieties peeled off, desires to embark on the forthcoming transcendental journey heightened.

CBD meditation

Now, meditation is a means of transforming the mind through the three “Cs” : concentration, clarity, and calmness. For the uninitiated, easier said than done.  Especially when it comes to shutting down racing thoughts, focusing on breathing, and remaining still while surrounded by strangers, or, new friends. However, by infusing CBD into the process, the combination of body and mind relaxation sets you up for success when practicing the aforementioned principles of meditation.

meditation with cbd

As Cloud People, a San-Diego based duo known for their ethereal harmonies and sonic alchemy, provided a musical backdrop for the ceremony, attendees took to their mats and found a comfortable position to sit, and breathe, in. Then, under the guidance of BOL Meditation, attendees went on a CBD-enhanced journey that connecting the mind with the body and soul.  While experiences vary from person-to-person, I left the Encinitas estate revitalized, re-centered, and ready tackle the day.

The next event is scheduled for Sunday August 26th. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now. You can RSVP to the next event by downloading the Green Life app or visiting eventbrite.

See yew there.

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