Weed Girl Wins Del Mar Hat Contest

Del Mar Hat Contest
Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Meet Leslie K. Monroy of San Diego, owner of Flowers on Flowers, California’s first and only medical marijuana florist. 

When not combining floral arrangements with medical marijuana, Monroy regularly enters the annual Del Mar Opening Day Hat Contest with big hats infused with “flowers on flowers” — oh, and laced horse heads.

Photo Credit: Leslie K. Monroy Facebook

Stealing the win, place, and show from a pool of 420 contestants, Monroy smoked the competition, winning a total of $6,000 in cash and prizes for her weed hat.

“This is my 3rd year competing and I’m just smitten to have won! These horses are gonna get so many carrots!” the weed girl told NBC.

And to think “The Hoff” singing “Where the Turf Meets the Surf” was gonna be the highlight of the day…

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