Skateboards In OuterSpace?! It’s True.

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

Just in time for Comic-Con, skateboard designer, maker, and seeker of adventure Bear Walker partnered with Lost In Space to create a special edition skateboard, the J2 BEACON — to commemorate the second season of Lost in Space on Netflix. The J2 Beacon skateboard design incorporates iconic elements of the reimagined show including Will Robinson’s spacesuit and the spacecraft, the Jupiter 2. Each deck, crafted from the highest quality maple, is complete with trucks, wheels and hardware to create a full-functioning piece of art.

“I attacked this project with the mentality that I had been contracted to create a short-range exploration vehicle for the 24th Colony Mission, specifically Will Robinson’s,” Bear continues “It’s the most sophisticated and intricate board to come out of my facility to date. We are only building 100 LE collectors boards, which will be certified, signed, and numbered.” How rad.

Bear Walker

Even radder, Bear sent this hand-carved piece of art 106,000 feet into the sky to become the 2nd skateboard to ascend to space. What?!? “Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!”

The Lost in Space J2 Beacon skateboard retails at $425, and pre-orders are now being accepted at


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