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Sam The Cooking Guy x Not Not Tacos

Sam The Cooking Guy Not Not Tacos

Cantore opens the show talking about ripping his board shorts while surfing and showing his junk to the entire line-up. He also shares an observation about the entitlement some people have after hitting cross-walk lights.

Then, Chris visits the homie TV personality, author, and cook-extraordinaire, Sam the Cooking Guy, at his new restaurant, Not Not Tacos, opening this week in the Little Italy Food Hall with hospitality group Grain & Grit Collective. Not Not Tacos will serve up genre-bending fare that pushes the envelope of culinary creativity with tacos that are big, bold, full of flavor and made from things not normally found in authentic Mexican food (looking at you meatloaf, salmon & pastrami.)

Before introducing us to the restaurant, Sam opens up to Cantore about his insecurities and the pressures of coexisting in a modern world that puts so much value on wealth and material items. Also, great discussion about how weed can perpetuate self-doubt.

PLUS, at the end of the episode, Cantore shares a new song by YEW’s Chris Coté, Would/Would Not.

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