Meet The Green Life App, A 420-Friendly Social Network

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Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Finally, there’s a social engagement ecosystem for the growing cannabis community where you can follow, post, and message your 420-friendly homies without the fear of judgement, or risk of being banned from a platform. Brand spanking new to the Apple / Google Play stores, The Green Life app funnels the entire legal, licensed cannabis community — including dispensaries, researchers, brands, influencers, non profits, and media companies — into one native place.

What is The Green Life and who is behind it?

The Green Life app was launched last month by cannabis entrepreneur / founder Bruno Barbieri of Encinitas, California.

Barbieri recently told the CANNACULTURE podcast that the goal was to “create a social platform for the entire cannabis community where we could share our experiences and knowledge without the fear of being censored, or shut down.”

What makes The Green Life different?

The Green Life is trying to be Instagram, Facebook, Weedmaps and Leafly all rolled into one. On the News Feed, you will see your posts as well as the posts of people you connect with or follow. Posts can be photos, or text and URLs, as well as recommendations for dispensaries, strains and brands.

The Green Life app doesn’t manipulate or curate your feed. Posts are sorted chronologically, instead of via algorithms. Functionality includes a smart chat feature, a vibrant community wall, multimedia channels, gamified training courses, in-app purchases (NO weed,) and action tracking — for example, you can let people know when you smoked a bowl, or ate an edible.

the green life app

the green life app

The Green Life isn’t just about growing followers

In addition to being one-of-a-kind community for the cannabis industry, another interesting aspect of the app is that it’s a white-label, turn-key solution for dispensaries or brands looking for their own personalized app experience, but without the heavy cost, or time commitment, that usually goes with it.

Barbieri says this is about encouraging a close community within The Green Life app, similar to your cannabis networks in real life.

Where can I download the Vero app?

You can download the app for FREE on iOS and Android now.

Listen To Founder Of The Green Life, Bruno Barbieri, On CANNACULTURE Podcast

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