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Amazon Prime members offered savings at Whole Foods

I’m not here to argue the societal and economic virtues or damages that can be caused by Amazon’s ever-expanding creep into everything we do and buy and think and ….

But, people love the Whole Foods. So, here goes.

Amazon and Whole Foods Market announced today that Prime members will start receiving discounts on some popular items at Whole Foods locations in San Diego and nine other cities, starting June 13.

“We’re excited that Prime savings will be available at nearly half of our Whole Foods Market stores this week, giving more Prime members access to great deals just in time for summer,” said A.C. Gallo, President and Chief Operating Officer at Whole Foods Market, in the press release.

If you want to snag the savings, you have to download the Whole Foods Market app, sign in with your Amazon account and then scan the app’s Prime Code at checkout. Customers can also use their mobile phone number to save at checkout.

If you spend more than $35 with Prime Now grocery delivery — which also includes the Prime savings deals, apparently — you can get free two-hour delivery. Which is pretty handy.

You can read the entire press release here.


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