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foamies for the homies
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Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, introducing four new foam trucker hats to the YEW! shop with the words YEW!, KOOK, BARNEY, and BETTIE blasted on the front. Part of the “Foamies For Our Homies” collection, these classic 5-panel, foam snapback trucker hats are available online (with FREE shipping) and in-stores at South Coast Surf Shops.

First up, our team hat, the YEW! FOAMIE ensures your dome is always filled with positive, stoked thoughts so you don’t get stuck in your head while wearing it.

Yew Foamie yew foam trucker hat pink

Also in the lineup, our best selling KOOK hats return in true KOOK form.  If you, or someone you know is a KOOK, this hat is all time — providing maximum kookage for your lid.  And, If you don’t know what a ‘KOOK’ is, this hat is DEFINITELY for YEW!

kook foam trucker hat black kook foam trucker hat pink

Similar to a KOOK, a BARNEY originated as a term used to describe a surfer that wasn’t “cool,” or a rookie in the lineup. Today, however, the word is used in jest as a throwback term within surf communities.

Barney Foam Trucker Hat Barney Foam Trucker Hat Pink

As a point of reference, in the 80s surf classic North Shore (seen below,) Turtle calls a Rick a “Barney” before surfing Pipe.

Originally used to describe a classic pinup girl (a la Bettie Page,) the term BETTIE transformed into quintessential 1980s surfer slang for a rad, hot surfer girl. Ladies, put the BETTIE foam trucker hat on your lid to achieve instant BETTIE status.

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