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Towel Talk With Chris Coté: Guest Zach Miller

With our homies at LEUS towels, we are pumped to drop our second episode of Towel Talk with YEW!’s Chris Coté!

Towel Talk is a not so hard hitting interview series where we lay down with some very interesting people to find out some fun and unusual things about their lives. Chris Coté hits guests with some odd yet intriguing questions that you’re not gonna want to miss!

In Episode 2, Chris Cote lays down with professional skateboarder Zach Miller. They cover some hard hitting, super important topics including surfing, playing with your toys and if skateboarding and surfing is a job.

leus towel talk

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Chris Cote

Chris Cote

Host of The Monday M.A.S.S., Mayor of Encinitas, CA.