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Baja Bound? Hit Up Baja Bound

Since the 70’s, the YEW! crew has been taking surf trips to Baja. With countless stories of peeling rights, barreling beach breaks, epically delicious tacos, and late nights at local drinking establishments, one constant has always remained: CAR INSURANCE.

If you get in an accident in Mexico without insurance, basically, you’re screwed. If you don’t find yourself in jail, be prepared to pay a hefty cash fine to local police, or the person you hit. To avoid this unnecessary drama, hit up our homies at – the easiest way to get Mexican auto insurance!

The Mexican auto insurance experts, Baja Bound has been serving Mexico travelers since 1994.  It’s super-easy, get a free online quote from your smartphone or their website, and buy and print out your Mexican insurance policy in minutes.  Looking for things to do?  They even have great travel information at

Questions? Visit or call: 1-888-552-2252

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