5 Best Marijuana Strains For An Active Lifestyle

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Sure, a lot of us use cannabis for its relaxation effects, but, what if you’re looking for an uplifting, energizing strain that’ll give you a good lift in the morning, or boost before a workout or hike?  Enter Sativa cannabis strains.

Where indicas make you more susceptible to daytime lethargy, or locked to the couch, sativas allow you to stay active and crush the day.

Important to note, if you are prone to anxiety, seek out a sativa-dominant “hybrid” strain.  When you hear people complain of weed making them paranoid, chances are, they are consuming a straight sativa vs. a sativa-dominant “hybrid” which delivers boosting effects upfront, and relaxing qualities on the back end.

So, if getting through the day is a drag, or you suffer from fatigue, stay away from indicas and find the right sativa strain to keep you moving and grooving. Here are our some of our faves (brought to YEW! by Cream Of The Crop):


Considered one of the highest quality sativas, Super Silver Haze was awarded first prize at the High Time Cannabis Cup throughout the late nineties. An ideal wake-and-bake strain, Silver Haze provides a strong clear-headed cerebral head high that leaves you happy, creative, and energetic.



An invigorating cerebral high, Sour Diesel is commonly used amongst medical patients to relieve chronic fatigue, AKA laziness. The high from “Sour D” combines a warm and pleasant head rush with uplifting, energizing effects for an active lifestyle.


A SATIVA-dominant hybrid, Lemon Peel, or Lemon G, delivers an exceptionally uplifting high that’s perfect for a day at the beach, or any recreational activities. Packed with citrus and sour flavors, this delicious strain provides energetic effects upfront, and pure relaxation when it’s time to chill by the bonfire.

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A longtime staple in the cannabis industry, Green Crack is an incredibly potent (and stinky) Sativa-dominant Hybrid.  Named by Snoop Dogg for its energizing properties, be warned: if you suffer from anxiety, Green Crack can induce panic attacks if you if you consume too much.


Honoring the memory of legendary cannabis activist, Jack Herer, this lively sativa-dominant hybrid is described as blissful and euphoric, spurring energy and creativity.  One of the most popular marijuana strains in the world today, Jack Herer is ideal for running errands and other mundane daytime activities.  It also smells divine.

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