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52 Weeks of Tacos: Puesto’s Mushroom Taco

Written by YEW Staff

Imagine a taco so good your taste buds didn’t even miss the traditional filling of meat. No miracle needed, simply mushrooms.

If you’re observing Lent this year, you are a little over two weeks into the Lenten season, meaning you are either abstaining from meat for the full forty days or strictly on Friday’s. Either way, finding a taco that hits the spot, satisfies your craving and stays in line with your commitment isn’t impossible, have faith. While fish tacos are an easy option, we wanted to explore a world somewhat unknown: the mythical, magical land of a crave-worthy vegetarian taco. Enter Puesto’s Mushroom Taco – an out-of-this-world combination of fresh garlic, a variety of seasonal mushrooms, stone fruit jalapeno salsa, pickled onions all bundled up in a shell of crispy, salty, melty cheese and a fresh, blue corn tortilla. The flavors are there, in a big way, and with the juicy, meaty mushroom’s holding some serious spices themselves, you won’t even miss the meat. Take it from us, this is one meatless morsel that will make its way into your taco-rotation, long after Lent.

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With six bustling locations and two taco-slanging spots in San Diego alone, Puesto is a joint you don’t want to pass up on. You know you’ve come to the right place when they’ve got four guacamole options on the menu – each one more outrageous in flavor profile and ingredient list than the next. Yew! Tip: the Puesto Perfect Guacamole, with avocado, cilantro, onion, freshly squeezed citrus, and a healthy hit of Parmigiano-Reggiano was sinfully delicious, add a dollop or four onto your mushroom taco for a real ride to flavor town.

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If you just can’t get behind the all veggie option, Puesto’s Gobernador Taco is a heavenly heavy hitter: fresh shrimp, pico, crispy melted cheese and a creamy jalapeno salsa that just might be the answer to your prayers.

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