Introducing Jeff Sessions Rolling Paper

Written by Linda Barrett

Introducing the first and only rolling papers inspired by reefer madness US Attorney General Jeff “Good People Don’t Smoke Marijuana” Sessions:  General Jeff’s “Old Rebel” Session Papers.

Available on Etsy for $5 (with a portion of profits going to the Drug Policy Alliance,) the 1¼ inch booklets with the attorney general’s image on the packaging comes with 50 high-quality, ultra thin, slow burning, arabic gum rolling papers per pack.

“We’re not criminals, junkies or idiots. Regular Jeffs all over the country — good, responsible, patriotic Americans — have a sesh now and then… and it’s OK!” the website states “every time you sesh with any brand of JeffSesh papers, you’re helping keep the law moving forward — and not back to the Nixon era.”

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