Wavestorm Ads New Graphics To Costco Quiver

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Once the preferred board of “Wave-kooks,” there is no denying the popularity, and action sports crossover, of the Wavestorm — ain’t that right, Jamie O’Brien?

Love them or hate them, the most recognized soft surfboard brand in the United States has just released two new soft boards to its Costco quiver: the “Sunburst” and “Brushed” Wavestorms. Yup, consider your “Rasta” Wavestorm a classic, or vintage, in the lineup (or, whitewater.)

Photo Credit: Yucca Sucka on Reddit

At first glance, the “Sunburst” board looks like a giant carrot, waiting to be snapped. On the flip side, while the “Brushed” graphic is visually more appealing, it feels like a subtle dig at the true artists who design and shape custom boards.

That being said, these boards produce fun and help new surfers worldwide get introduced to the sport that gives so much — just don’t forget to support your local surf shop and shapers.


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