The 10+ Beers You Need to Drink at Churchill’s Renaissance Event

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For San Diegan beer fans there are a handful of beer events that get the salivary glands working quite like Churchill’s Renaissance. This annual event is a celebration of fantastic beer, to-die-for food, and great people. Every year as part of the event, Churchills’ release their collaboration beer Churchill’s Finest Hour, which is one of the most sought out and delicious stouts your taste buds have ever endured. We’re looking forward to seeing what Port Brewing and Churchills’ have created for us this year. Fans will be able to purchase a bottle through online ticket sales. These details haven’t been released yet, be sure to follow them on social media to find out how and when you can try and land yourself a bottle.

In addition to the Churchill’s Finest Hour release, this annual event also features a huge beer list; we’re talking 50 beers this year. Delicious, dark, tart, and surprise flavors await you. To help you navigate these dark-dark waters we’ve compiled a list of some of the beers we are most excited about.

  1. Churchill’s Finest Hour Vertical- These are big beers, but if you are making your way to San Marcos for this event you have to get taster sizes of the entire vertical. Each year these beers mature, and new flavors present themselves in a blissful surprise.
  2. Bear Republic Pirate Stout 2015– Any beer that has been aged and then stored for a few years is worthy of your palate. This stout has been aged in rum barrels and is molasses heavy, which means we should have a sweet and spicy beer that will please barrel aged fans.
  3. 2012 Angel’s Share from Lost Abbey– Again, we’re looking at an already excellent beer that has been waiting to be enjoyed for six years. This is the perfect shelf life for many BBA beers: order this one quick as it won’t last the whole weekend.
  4. Founders CBS– This Canadian Breakfast Stout is a rarity and super hard for us San Diegans to get. Don’t miss your opportunity to try this classic beer from Founders without heading to Grand Rapids.
  5. Fieldworks Viking’s Lament– This barrel aged porter has gotten some seriously great reviews. If you have been on the fence about porters, this beer should be on your to-try list.
  6. Jackie O’s Apple Brandy Dark Apparition– This beer is a treat as they have aged it in Apple Brandy barrels for eight months after a month of aging in steel barrels. This should leave us with subtle apple flavor under the rich dark chocolaty stout.
  7. Firestone Walker’s ParabaJava– While this beer isn’t as rare as it once was, getting to taste the original recipe by the brand that invented it is. This coffee heavy stout is sure to please coffee and beer lovers alike.
  8. Rum Barrel Aged Beers- There are a number of rum aged beers on the line up this year. If you haven’t given this spirit a try in your beer, here is your chance. Rum adds a sweet and spicy flavor that creates a pleasant complexity that shouldn’t be missed.
    1. El Segundo Grand Cru 2017– This conundrum is three beer styles aged in three different barrels.
    2. Epic Triple Barrel Baptist– Again we have a triple header of flavors in this baby.
    3. Melvin Barrel-Aged Ruckus– A stout in rum and port barrels.
  9. Rare Barrel Small Acts– Every keg of beer that rolls out the door of Rare Barrel is a winner. This baby has pear and honeydew flavors, perfect for a sunny winter day in SD.
  10. Superstition BA Mourning of Adonis– While this offering is actually a mead, it still sounds epically special as it has been aged in Buffalo Trace barrels.
  11. Pliny The Younger– If you haven’t gotten your taste of PtY for the season this may be your last chance.

This is just a small list of all of the beers at Churchill’s Renaissance that we are eager to get our hands on. Which ones are on your list?

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