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Before my exploration of all the magical weed strains that the universe has to offer, I had heard rumors about the bliss that can come from partaking. Even studies had shown that working professionals were choosing to smoke a bowl over having a glass of wine or beer after work. While I enjoy the effects of being lulled into a relaxing state or given an extra boost of energy, I didn’t understand that post work blaze. Then I tried Big Buddha Cheese.

Big Buddha Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid that won the Cannabis Cup in 2006. It’s a prevalent strain in the UK, where it gets its historic roots. It’s a cross between UK Cheese and Afghani Indica, the strain has a pungent cheese smell. Cheese lovers are going to rejoice at the scent of this potent bud. Big Buddha Cheese is a high yielding plant, with THC levels in the 17% arena.

I gave this strain a test drive after a long-never-ending day of work right before I started my evening routine. You know making dinner, and cleaning the house, and getting ready to wind down with some Netflix before hitting the hay. Normally this monotonous routine is all of the fun of being a responsible adult, but thanks to Big Buddha Cheese it was so much nicer. The strain gave me a relaxed and energized feeling. Two emotions that are on opposites sides of the scale, which was in and of itself so bizarre. But, it was how I felt none the less. My body was less tense, my mind felt free to roam with the music playing in the background, and I had the energy to do way more than I had planned without the pressure to hurry up. In fact, I think I got more done while riding the Big Buddha Cheese train then I would have without it.

My heated leftover dinner became a meal that could’ve won me a prize on the Food Network, without me even planning on it. Before I knew it, I had chopped fresh veggies, seared some scallops, and prepared a healthy dessert of fresh fruit. Which turned out to be very smart as the munchie level for this strain is off the chart. I was feeling physical hunger pangs about 40 minutes in that lasted the entire trip. The food cravings under this strain were very real, which can make it an excellent choice for many medical conditions. And a not such a great choice if you are watching your waistline. After dinner, I took my dogs on a long slow walk and made it home with enough juice to read for a little while before turning on the tv. A pretty packed evening for a night of staying in during the week.

Big Buddha Cheese is a well-rounded strain that is perfect for the end of the day or even to get you through that afternoon hump. Your worries fade and relaxation washes in while you get an energetic boost freeing you to complete the projects on your list or even get a little creative. The only downfall is the serious munchies that I could have done without.

Are you a Big Buddha Cheese fan? Do you have a strain recommendation you want us to review? We’re all ears, leave a message in the comments or on social.

Big Buddha Cheese Review

Overall Rating- 4 Leaves


Munchie Madness- 5 Tacos

Listening  To: Kiss me Now by Upsahl

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