Parade of Lights Releases “Tidal Waves”

Some music is a guaranteed accompaniment to a day spent under the baking hot sun, melodies dancing with the roaring crash of waves and drifting down the coast. Some music insists on being played as you’re ripping down the highway – not completely disobeying the speed limit but taking it as a bit more of a suggestion – on a day that leaves your bones feeling completely content, that type of peace that’s in your soul. It’s one of those days and one of those vibes that calls for a song like this, a song like Parade of Light’s latest “Tidal Waves”. The windows demand to be rolled down and the beat feels familiar long before we’ve made it to the first chorus – not because its stuck in your subconscious from being overplayed  – but because the sounds spark an instant swelling of familiarity with a healthy dose of intrigue. You haven’t heard it before, but you already want more. The chorus hits and you find yourself belting it out after one round not because the lyrics are elementary but because of its mantra-like quality. Los Angeles quartet Parade of Lights has done it again, this time with a fist-pumping anthem that will appear on the band’s soon-to-come sophomore album, later in 2018.

Ryan Daly, Anthony Improgo, Randy Schulte, and Michelle Ashely have brought us synth-pop bangers like “We’re the Kids” (2013), “Golden” (2014) and “Feeling Electric” (2015) with that blend of bright atmospherics, electronic rock and powerhouse guitar and drum riffs. First releasing music in 2010, Parade of Light’s “Tidal Waves” is their latest and arguably, their most contagious to date. The chorus hits you square in the belly – you can’t fight the big, powerful sounds that come rocking out of your speakers, you can’t even try to contain them. This track feels inexplicably SoCal – something about the feel-good nature, swelling beat and hooking chorus that made me as a listener crave a kick ass sunset and a front row seat to it, gliding down a clear shot of the 101. Hey, a girl can dream, right? No matter where you give this latest release a listen, it’s guaranteed to leave you craving coastal California and rocking in your seat. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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