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You know that moment when you meet someone you’ve admired for a long time and you just know deep in your soul that you will never be the same after that encounter? I’ve discovered you can have that same experience with an amazing strain. Enter Super Jack. Super Jack is a pure sativa hybrid, it’s a cross of Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. This uplifting bud has quite the history.


Half of the lineage of Super Jack comes from the strain Jack Herer.  Named for the marijuana activist who fought to decriminalize and legalize weed as well as educate people on the positive environmental impact of hemp and the medicinal effect. With such a steep history I felt unworthy of giving this strain a ride. How could a review I wrote do justice for the legendary “Emperor of Hemp”? Turns out one hit and all my worries faded away, leaving me confident, energized, and ready to write world-changing articles but before I get ahead of myself let’s start from the beginning.

Super Jack is covered in beautiful white crystal trichome. Most people feel that the strain is (or has) an earthy scent with hints of sweetness. For me, while there was the earthy Big Bud scent, I also smelled fruit. Like a whole bowl of Fruity Pebbles, that sweet artificial fruit scent that can only come from a lab. The flowers smoke easily and left a distinct flavor that took a while to identify. After a few tastes, I was able to name the flavor as brown butter: you know, that magical byproduct of slowly cooking butter until it turns a rich amber color.

Three minutes into the tasting and this strain has hit me hard. It’s a beast, running at about 24% THC (I wish I had known that before I went to town). I felt the complete effects of this strain in the most delicious way possible. While my eyes were having trouble focusing, my brain was in a very happy place. The world felt more at peace and joyful. I found pleasure in watching a sitcom I had seen a million times, but this round it was so much more enthralling. Since I had overdone it a bit, I needed a little time to ride the groovy wave back down to an acceptable level of high, and that is where the fun really began.

I’ve heard that sativas can energize you and open portals to your creative side that maybe we keep under lock and key. Well, Super Jack was the first strain that opened those doors and allowed me to wallow in the glorious pool of creative energy. It was a beautiful place that had me solving all of the world’s problems. I was going to write articles that would change the world. I was going to solve social injustices, save the environment, and for good measure make everyone feel good about themselves. I opened the note page on my phone and let my fingers fly with all of these beautiful thoughts.

About an hour later a new voice popped into my head. “Hey lady, you know that stuff you’re writing is probably awesome, but what if…”. At this moment an image of Channing Tatum pops into my head from 21 Jump Street, when he is in “Phase Three: Over-Falsity of Confidence” of his H.F.S. ride and he’s going ham in chemistry class only to draw fours all over the board. In the normal world this thought would have bummed me out, but thanks to the love that Super Jack sends you, I was okay with thinking that maybe I wouldn’t save the world with my stoned blathering. In fact, my brain told me the important thing was I was trying to make a better world and therefore should be happy for the effort.

Super Jack lingered for almost six hours for me. While the first hour left me stuck to my couch while I regained my vision, the rest was a blissful respite from the stress the world sends out. If you have struggled to find a sativa that works for you, give this one a go. If you want to experience an uplifting, energetic high, that releases your creative side this strain is for you. In fact, Super Jack is my all-time favorite right now. Give it a go and let us know what you think? I’d be really interested to hear what flavors you taste. Tell us all about in the comments or through social.

Super Jack Review

Overall Rating- 5 stars

Munchie Madness- 1 Taco

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Watching- 21 Jump Street

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