5 Turntables Worth Giving A Spin

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

Needless to say, the “vinyl resurgence” is no longer a resurgence. Over the last decade, the medium has become a veritable cultural movement supported by increased sales, special vinyl releases by artists, and more independent record stores popping up in local communities.

But, what are you spinning all this wax on? With audio equipment manufacturers rolling out new turntables like it’s 1984, a lot of consumers aren’t sure how to enter the market — especially as smart speakers get shoved down our throats.

With that in mind, the following five turntables are for people first getting into vinyl, or for peops re-entering the space after a quarter-century hiatus. Ahem.

Audio Technica AT-LP120

Photo Credit: Audio Technica

Simple and classic, the Audio Technica AT-LP120 is perfect for the new vinyl head looking for an affordable, solid-sounding turntable (with USB connectivity.)

Cost: $299

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC

For the new vinyl enthusiast looking for style, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC looks dope in any home / hipster flat but, more importantly, holds the title for “best-sounding under-$400 turntable.”

Cost: $399

Denon DP-300F

A slick, full automatic turntable that doesn’t break the bank, the Denon DP-300F has a heavier bass built for reduced vibration + improved performance. GREAT starter table.

Cost: $329

Stanton T62

Packing the lowest price point in the lineup, the Stanton T62 is a simple, well-constructed turntable (with upgrade potential) that doubles as a DJ deck.

Cost: $160

Rega Planar 1

Our favorite entry-level hi-fi turntable, the Rega Planar 1 boasts excellent sound quality, excellent style, and plug-n-play ease.

Cost: $475

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