Diamond OG a Lush Indica to Satiate the Active Individual

There are two things Southern Californians love (besides sunshine and surf): playing hard and relaxing even harder. We like to hit the beach, mountains, or desert as the sun rises, grab lunch and a beer with friends, then head out for some YEWworthy entertainment. By the time evening comes to a close, we are ready to unwind and reminisce on the epic day we spent doing everything we love. For those of us who enjoy the helping hand of our friendly budtender to launch into a relaxing evening, then you need to meet Diamond OG, YEW!’s Strain of The Week.

This beautiful crystal coated gem is labeled as a pure indica, which means it’s all about the chill. The origins of Diamond OG are a little hazy, but we won’t hold it against her. OG Kush has often been given credit for her patronage, but the other parent has hit the road and is refusing a paternity test as requested by the Jerry Springer Show. Midnight Farms in California is selling clones of Diamond OG and touting her as a unique phenotype. Either way, she is sure to make you forget your worries in minutes.

We took this jewel on a test drive for you. We know, our sacrifice is all for the good of your high. Diamond OG has a sweet earthy scent that reminds me of sticky pine sap. It smokes incredibly smooth with a subtly sweet flavor, that alone explains why the Weed Gods have decided to name her Diamond. Within six minutes of inhaling this shiny gem, you could feel the stress and worry melt from your shoulders. My tension made quite the mess on the floor, but I was so relaxed I didn’t even care.

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I was very happy with the way she made me unwind and surprised by how quickly the effects took place. Within ten minutes my brain got nice and fuzzy, which goes a long way in stopping my stress from making itself at home on my shoulders and back, again. Diamond OG is super relaxing: think how you feel after an amazing massage or great sex. Your whole body is rubber, just floating as you ride out the high. This is perfect for the active San Diegan who loves to stay busy, but also realizes that it’s good to step back and enjoy this incredible life too.

By the time twenty minutes rolled around I was ready for a serious nap. All my worries had caught the next flight out of town and any in-depth thoughts I had gone with them as checked baggage. While Diamond OG is a fantastic indica, it did have a few small bumps to be aware of. Itchy eyes and dry mouth are real concerns, I would have liked to have some Visine. After it wore off, about 4 hours, I did get a low-grade headache. A few small complaints in an overall stellar strain.

If you like to live life to the fullest and want to enjoy relaxing as much as you play, then Diamond OG is the girl for you. She’ll smoothly make your worries say bye-bye. Head on down to your local shop to get a taste of Yew!’s Strain of The Week.

Diamond OG Review

Overall Rating – 4.5 stars out of 5

Munchie Madness – 3

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