Are You Down With The “Tacro”?

Following a cue from the “cronut,” Viva La Tarte, a San Francisco bakery, has paired a taco with a croissant to create a — wait for it — “Tacro” for $12 US dollars per piece, according to BuzzFeed.

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Prepared with a crunchy croissant for a taco shell, you can choose between a pulled pork tacro, chile chicken tacro, and barbecued jackfruit tacro.  Sorry, we just like saying “Tacro,” BUT, would you eat one, or is it sacrilege?!

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After seeing these pictures, if cash flow isn’t an issue, the answer is a resounding Tac-Yes!!  And we’re not alone.

Per Vive La Tarte’s Instagram account, these tacros go on sale every morning at 11 a.m. and sell out within two hours (while receiving international attention.) That’s a lot to tacro about. OK, we’ll stop.

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