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A Conversation About Life, Death, And Fear With Dr. Bob Uslander

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

Committed to interviewing subjects outside my personal network (and/or, comfort zone) in 2018, I talk to Dr. Bob Uslander, Medical Director and founder of Integrated MD Care of Del Mar.  Dr. Bob (as his patients refer to him) is one of only a handful of physicians that offers “Aid In Dying” services.

Since June 9, 2016, California’s End of Life Option Act has made it easier for people with terminal illnesses to choose when they want to die, but, needless to say, it remains a controversial subject for many families, friends and medical providers.

That being said, Dr. Bob’s primary goal is to make people more comfortable with the concept of dying.  He even hosts his own podcast on the subject — “A Life and Death Conversation” can be found in iTunesclick here to subscribe and download.

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