Hot Snakes Return With Banging Surf Single

Following a 14 year hiatus, San Diego post-hardcore band Hot Snakes have announced a new album, Jericho Sirens, for release on March 16th on SubPop.  If that wasn’t rad enough, the band also dropped a new song, the surf-inspired ‘Six Wave Hold-Down’ (below) and reissued their first three studio albums—Audit in Progress (2004), Suicide Invoice (2002), and Automatic Midnight (2000)— today (January 19.)

Produced and recorded throughout 2017 in Philadelphia and San Francisco, the album features long time members Gar Wood, Jason Kourkounis and Mario Rubalcaba, along with leaders Rick Froberg and John Reis.

I totally understand people’s desire to be controlled and humiliated by my guitar. — John reis

Reis released the following statement: “I considered stopping playing guitar on a social media poll after I completely mastered the instrument. But so many people kept sending me letters and voicemail messages, asking me at the dry cleaners, or the butcher shop to bring back Hot Snakes. They were missing rock and roll music. I’ve always considered Hot Snakes to be more in the vein of the proto-Vog movement of the early ‘70s. But to these people, this is their rock ‘n’ roll. I understand that. I totally understand people’s desire to be controlled and humiliated by my guitar. Anyone can play the stupid guitar. What they want is for me to use it as a branding iron.”

Jericho Sirens

01) I Need a Doctor
02) Candid Cameras
03) Why Don’t It Sink In?
04) Six Wave Hold-Down
05) Jericho Sirens
06) Death Camp Fantasy
07) Having Another?
08) Death Doula
09) Psychoactive
10) Death of a Sportsman

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