Cannabis Is Legal In California, 5 Things You Need To Know

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Starting today, California is the biggest legal cannabis market in the world. While it’s a veritable milestone, it’s important to be cool, be safe, and be cognizant of the new laws and regulations.

Yes, said laws can be extensive and confusing, but, here are 5 basic things you, the recreational consumer, need to know (with help from Leafly, Marijuana Dispensary and Strain Reviews.)

1. Where Are The Stores? When Do They Open And Close?

Under state regulations, legal retail stores can operate between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.  Currently, the below shops are operating legally in San Diego County:

Torrey Holistics

10671 Roselle St., Sorrento Valley, 858.558.1420,

The Tree House Balboa

8863 Balboa Ave., Ste. E, Kearny Mesa, 858.598.5983,

Mankind Cooperative

7128 Miramar Rd., Suite 10, Mira Mesa, 858.247.0953,


Kearny Mesa: 5125 Convoy St., 858.836.1303; Mission Valley: 3455 Camino Del Rio South, 619.701.6036,

Golden State Greens, Point Loma

3452 Hancock St., Midway District, 619.268.8035,

A Green Alternative

2335 Roll Dr., #4, Otay Mesa, 844.665.0420,

Harbor Collective

2405 Harbor Dr., Barrio Logan, 619.841.2045,

The Healing Center San Diego

3703 Camino del Rio South, Mission Valley, 858.324.2420,

Southwest Patient Group

658 E. San Ysidro Blvd., San Ysidro, 619.663.6337,

Urbn Leaf

Bay Park: 1028 Buenos Ave., Morena, 619.275.2235, Golden Hill: 3385 Sunrise St. San Diego, CA 92102

2. Bring Your ID

The above shops are open to anyone 21 and over—you don’t need to be a California resident. If you’re under 21, you’ll need a doctor’s rec to obtain medical cannabis products.

3. Cash Only

While all shops have ATMs on site, cannabis is still a cash-only biz.

4. Purchasing Limits

You can buy up to an ounce of weed, eight grams of concentrates, and six immature plants. *Medical patients will have a higher limits, but do you really need more? If you are new to edibles, START SLOW. Within the next 6 months, the state will limit the serving size of edibles to 10 milligrams of THC, with no more than 100 mg allowed in a single product package.

5. Consume Responsibly

Make sure your products have been tested — specifically, look for testing labels.  Otherwise, consuming in public is illegal throughout the state. Nothing has changed.  So, wherever you choose to consume, do so responsibly and respectfully.


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