Best Albums Of 2017 x Chris Coté

Do people still listen to albums? I say, YES they do! Making an album or EP that holds up from beginning to end is tough, but when an artist can complete that cycle, it’s magical. There’s something to be said for a record you can put on, press play, and let rip all the through. Here are ten albums that you should listen to from start to finish, no skipping songs, no fast forwarding, just play it through. Oh, and not to sound snobby, but these albums sound best on vinyl.

The author of this list looking for clues at Lou’s records. Photo: Cheyenne Arnold

Every Country’s Sun

Weather Diaries


Exit Index

Super Lunch
Super Lunch

American Teen

The Prids
Do I Look Like I’m In Love

The Jade Shader
Sea Stacks And Sleestacks


Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
Star Stuff

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