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Torrey Holistics Grabs First Recreational Cannabis License In California

In a historic move, Torrey Holistics (in Sorrento Valley) was granted the first license for recreational retail sales of cannabis in the state of California.

“I think it’s how we conduct our business. We all have professional backgrounds,” owner Tony Hall told the Associated Press.  In order to get the license, Torrey Holistics had to submit a 60-page application consisting of a lease, diagrams and detailed business plan.

“We plan to issue many more before Jan. 1,” Lori Ajax, the state’s top marijuana regulator, said in a statement.

Starting January 1st, recreational sales will be merged with a medical marijuana market (of 20 years) while implementing new, much stronger, regulations.

As far as the public, California will treat cannabis like alcohol, allowing people 21 and up to legally possess up to an ounce and grow six marijuana plants at home.

Times, they are a changing’…

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