The World’s First Alcohol-Removed, Cannabis-Infused Wine

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Rebel Coast Winery, a California winery with “a rebellious spirit,” announced the launch of the world’s first legal, alcohol-removed, cannabis-infused wine, Rebel Coast.

The marijuana (four milligrams of THC per serving) infused, premium Sauvignon Blanc is available to pre-order now and set to begin shipping to dispensaries and residents throughout California in 2018 — in compliance with the state’s new cannabis industry regulations.

“If you’ve ever enjoyed a glass of wine or marijuana, you’re in luck,” said Rebel Coast Co-Founder and CEO, Chip Forsythe. “We’ve continued our disruptive approach to craft the world’s first cannabis-infused, alcohol-free wine. We wanted to excite the rebellious spirit in Americans through innovation, so we took two world-class California products – marijuana and wine – and created a proprietary process that resulted in a delicious, crisp and elegantly crafted Sauvignon Blanc that’s teed up to be a game changer for the wine and cannabis industries.”

“If you’ve ever enjoyed a glass of wine or marijuana, you’re in luck”

In the coming year, Rebel Coast plans to craft and release a refreshing cannabis-infused Rosé and champagne, as well as a line of Cannabidiol-infused (CBD) wines with medicinal benefits, but no psychotropic effects, as well.

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