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Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast

Bringing some street to your water soaked feet, the Bodega Boarder Crew Podcast is the most non-pc surf podcast out there. Meshing golden era hip hop & bodega culture with surf and skate culture, our latest episode gives YEW a taste of the North Shore.

We reminisce about our time out there and ask a few locals what’s the 411 with them, and how they feel their hood has changed? Lastly, we end on a sad note about the recent tragedy that the Emery family went through, how it’s effected the community and how you can help. But, kick back with some sleeper tracks and some jazzy vibes to remind you of those Kammie Land sunsets and illmatic Mai Tais.

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1. The Purple Tape (Instrumental) – Method Man

2. High Rollers – Ice T

3. The Boomin’ System – LL Cool J

4. Beats to the Rhyme – Run D.M.C.

5. Caught, Can We Get a Witness – Public Enemy

6. Got My Mind Made Up (feat. Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt, Method Man & Redman) – 2 Pac

7. Blue Train – John Coltrane

8. Jettin’ – Digable Planets

9. Bonita Applebum – A Tribe Called Quest

10. I Love You Mary Jane – Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill

11. That’s When Ya Lost (feat. Pep Love) – Souls of Mischief

12. Above the Clouds – Gang Starr

13. Party (Instrumental) – The Beatnuts

14. I Can’t Go To Sleep – Wu-Tang Clan

15. Tha Crossroads – Bone Thugs n HarmonyBodega Boarder Cr

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