Dogfish Head Craft Brewery x The Flaming Lips = Dragons & Yum Yum

YEW Staff
Written by YEW Staff

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery will be teaming up with veteran psychedelic indie rockers, The Flaming Lips to create a new pale ale called Dragons & Yum Yum.  A 6.5% ABV pale ale made with dragon fruit, yumberry, passionfruit, pear juice and black carrot juice, it has been described as “lip-smackingly tart” and “intensely tropical.”

“The Flaming Lips are one of the most innovative and collaborative bands of all time and Dogfish shares a similarly playful and adventurous point of view,” says Sam Calagione, CEO and founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. “Their art is a full-on otherworldly sensory experience and we strive to create that same intense sensational experience for craft beer drinkers in the development of our liquid art.”

Dragons & Yum Yum is available in April 2018.

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