‘Stranger Things’ Skateboards Are A Thing

Chris Cantore
Written by Chris Cantore

Stranger Things 2 is firing on Netflix and the ’80s references are in full force — from dialogue to visuals to props.

Madrid Skateboards, also seen in the classic film Back to the Future, makes an appearance in Stranger Things 2 with its ‘Explosion’ skateboard, a staple of the Madrid collection throughout the ’80s.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

Belonging to a newcomer known as MadMax on the show (#NOspoilers,) the boards, shaped in Huntington Beach, pay homage to the golden age of backyard pool skating and complete replicas (with retro components) can be YOURS for $249.95.

Equally as awesome, a collection of Stranger Things 2 decks paying homage to your favorite scenes and characters (including Hopper and Eleven.)


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