The World’s Most Haunted Guitars

Can a guitar be haunted? We say, YES! And the good people at Reverb.com agree. Reverb.com is the world’s best online marketplace for musicians to buy, sell and learn about new, used, vintage and handmade music gear—this website is like a damn candy shop for gear freaks, serious players, and causal fans of guitars, drums, effects, etc. Anyway, they’ve compiled a list of haunted guitars that will no doubt freak you out in more ways than one.

Beware the haunted ukulele …

These spooky stringed specters range from a haunted Ukulele that lives in a coffin, to a Cigarbox Guitar with Actual Crocodile Skull that was listed by Preacher Guitars in St. Petersburg, Russia. According to the seller, this guitar was built in tribute to the “… dark side of Louisiana voodoo.”

A haunted Russian guitar, we’ll take two of ’em!

Are the tales of old bluesmen selling their souls to the devil true? Can a guitar be haunted? Will a “Blueberry 12-string with Satanic Inlay and Carvings” make me a devilishly good guitar player?

This satanic 12-string will play the Devil’s music and maybe even “Free Bird”.

Check out Reverb’s list of Haunted Guitars and try to resist the urge to buy one these guitars. How cool would it be to interrupt the guests at your next dinner party by turning off the lights and holding a flashlight under your face and with your darkest, ghastliest voice saying, “Does anyone want to see my haunted guitar? Your guests might think you’re making some kind of sexual innuendo, but when you show them George Lynch “Dem Bones” Guitar, and they’ll be relieved and scared at the same time. Oh, and can’t you just feel the weirdness seeping out of Billy Corgan’s guitar? Definitely haunted with the ghost of good music past.

“Dem Bones”

Check out these incredible guitars and more on Reverb.com


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