Five Fine New Jams For YEW!

Chris Cote
Written by Chris Cote

Need some new music? Well, here you go. Here are “Five Fine New Jams For Yew!” Each one of these tunes is tested and approved by our ears for yours. Tune in, turn up, and get ready to let some magical music in to your ear holes.—Chris Coté

“I Don’t Know” (Featuring Samuel T. Herring)


BadBadNotGood is a Toronto-bred jazz band that has perfected the art of playing a unique brand of jazz and instrumental hip-hop. BadBadNotGood are already critical darlings and music fest favorites with their own instrumentals and songs (like this one) featuring guest artists including, Ghostface Killah, Danny Brown, Charlotte Day Wilson, Kaytranada, and Samuel T. Herring (Future Islands). This track is another gem in this band’s incredible arsenal of music, with Herring’s disincentive voice adding intensity to this already sultry jam, such an epic mood-setter.

Diane Coffee
“Poor Man Dan”

Whoa, this is a wild jam that starts huge, gets small, then slowly builds up steam until it becomes a full on wall of sound pouring out of your speakers in to your brain! “Poor Man Dan” is a song that on first listen will have you vexed as to where the hell its going and what’s about to happen, which is a good thing. Fans of Foxygen and MGMT will be feeling this “psychedelic Motown” vibe and the unpredictable nature of this song. Might take a few listens, but I’m pretty sure this might be one you’re your new favorite songs by the third or forth go-thru.

The Gotobeds
“Annette’s Got The Hits”

There’s nothing wrong with a good, quick, tight cover of a classic punk rock jam like, “Annette’s Got the Hits”. The Gotobeds are a Pittsburg, Sub Pop band on the verge of big things, starting with this cover of the Redd Kross classic for an upcoming EP of Redd Kross covers, called, “Definitely Not A Redd Kross EP” which is due Nov 1 on Chunklet Records.



There is something beautifully unnerving about this haunting new track by Grooms. I absolutely love it and fans of Shipping News, APSE, Deerhunter and even Sonic Youth will love these guys as well. This is a song that would be as at home on the Stranger Things soundtrack as it would be in a David Lynch film. You can just picture the scene. Guy driving alone at night along a dark highway, sees something strange way way down the road, then the driver starts to feel a strange presence that he can’t quite figure out … listen to the song, close your eyes, and try not to be a little bit freaked out—this is the mark of an epic musical experience.


Hundred Waters

If the above song by Grooms freaked you out a bit, this song will calm you back down. Lush, beautiful, and triumphant, “Firelight” by Hundred Waters feels like it washes over you as you listen to it. There’s a hint of Cat Power, a nod to Bjork, and even a nice little touch of Radiohead to make this song really grab you and embrace you. I’m not afraid to admit that listening to this song at a high enough volume and really paying attention to the details and layers is a bit of an emotional experience. Go ahead, try it, and tell me what you think, it’s all good, I’ll wait and listen to this song ten more times. I can’t get enough of Hundred Waters.

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