Get Festy With These Oktoberfest Brews!

Fall is finally here and with it comes cool San Diego breezes, consistent berating of pumpkin spiced beers and Oktoberfest parties out the ying yang. This season also brings about one of my favorite styles, the Marzen. I feel this to be the perfect transitioning beer from Summer to Fall, light in body and full in toasty malt flavors.

Below is a list of a few of my favorite Marzen beers, with some of them being brewed right here in San Diego. So get yourself in the holiday spirit and get to sippin’ right now!

Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen 

5.8% 2IBUs

One of the most beloved Oktoberfest style beers comes from brewery Ayinger in Aying, Germany. This is a must chug once it starts gracing the shelves of your favorite bottle shop or flowing through the beer bar taps.

This brew pours a sublime clear shade of copper with a strong-willed bright white head. Rich bready malt notes hit your nostrils with the power of a thousand winds.  Flavor follows suit with a cracker malt backbone and subtle floral notes and finishes slightly dry with a sweet aftertaste.

Eppig Festbier German Style Lager

6.0% ABV 24 IBUs

Bless the soul that is Eppig Brewing Company for providing this delicious brew all year long. Self-described as the perfect balance of a German Pilsner and Marzen, this beer is both light of body and full of flavor.

Toasted malt and breadiness dominate this brew, with a mild sweetness on the back end followed by an earthy hop bitterness. That combination makes this beer quite crushable. A light body and crisp dry finish keep you begging for more.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest 

6.1% ABV 30 IBUs

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company has teamed up with German brewery Brauhaus Miltenberger to release their latest Oktoberfest beer. Pouring an amber gold with aromas of soft biscuits makes this beer extremely drool worthy. Sierra Nevada swept in with their constant need to have at least a minimal amount of bitterness and spicy hop notes, rounding out the rich biscuity malt notes in this German style lager.

Weihenstephener Fest Bier 

5.8% ABV 26 IBUs

Ah, Weihenstephener, you never make a bad beer. My first fest bier of the season did not disappoint. With a creamy mouthfeel, the subtle spicey and grassy hop notes excellently balanced by sweet bready grains make this my go-to brew throughout all Oktoberfest shenanigans.

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