Surfboards For South African Street Kids

Chris Cote
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The Positive Vibe Warriors AKA, the P.V.W. foundation, is a charitable organization that raises funds to assist communities with youth water safety programs and ocean education. Surfers who want to help the world! Started by the always frothy [a good thing] Gudauskas brothers, these three pro surfers have used their stoke and influence to hold free surf contests for kids all over the world called the “Stoke-O-Rama” series Last year, they launched a campaign to collect surfboards to donate to their surfing friends in Jamaica who didn’t have the means to get boards, but definitely had the stoke. The Jamaican Board Drive gathered over 300 surfboards for Jamaican surfers!

After the huge success of Jamaican Surfboard Drive, the Gudauskas brothers are looking to expand their goal of getting surfboards into the hands of young people who otherwise might not have access or the funds to get their own surfboards. For the month of September, the Positive Vibe Warrior foundation has launched a campaign, called, Can’t Steal Our Vibe: A Surfboard Drive for South Africa.

The donated surfboards will be going to benefit Waves For Change and the Surfers Not Street Children organizations in South Africa that provide safe spaces, caring mentors and a provision of weekly surf therapy sessions to give vulnerable children the skills to cope with stress, build healing relationships and make positive life choices.

Tanner Gudauskas leans in to a big tube. Photo:

As Chris Coté said on the Monday M.A.S.S. podcast this week, we know you’ve got a board or two gathering dust on the side of your house, in your rafters, or under your porch.. it’s time to put that board to good use! Donate your used boards to the Can’t Steal Our Vibe surfboard drive!

For more info or the entire list of donation locations, please visit:

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