Marley Natural Goes Into The Studio

Linda Barrett
Written by Linda Barrett

Bob Marley live vs. Bob Marley studio recordings ?  Both awesome, but, a matter of preference, right?

How about outdoor, sun-grown buds vs. dense, indoor-grown frosty buds ? Also, a matter of preference.

Following another cue from the almighty “Bob,” the popular Marley Natural brand is now creating magic inside the studio, as well under the sun, with the addition of Marley Natural STUDIO strains.

Previously, all Marley Natural cannabis flowers were grown outdoors — by a collective of responsible, independent growers — and labeled Marley Green (Hybrid,) Marley Gold (Sativa,) Marley Red (CBD Rich,) and Marley Black (Indica.)

Marley Natural at Torrey Holistics

Now, two Marley Natural STUDIO strains have been introduced to the market, Ghost OG and Platinum Cookies —both sustainably grown and mindfully cultivated out of a green-friendly indoor facility near the San Francisco Bay.

Leaning more potent, resinous than other Marley Natural flowers, the Marley Natural STUDIO strains were “inspired by Bob’s time spent in the studio having some herb, writing and recording music.”


TOTAL THC: 22.6%

An indica-leaning OG hybrid, this flower will send you into deep relaxation, relieving all stress and worry.  If this strain was a Marley song, it would be “Waiting in Vain.”


TOTAL THC: 24.7%

A powerful, uplifting sativa-leaning hybrid, Platinum Cookies inspires creativity, inner comfort and consciousness.  If this strain was a Marley song, it would be “Could You Be Loved.”

Get Marley Natural STUDIO strains TODAY at Torrey Holistics in Sorrento Valley, and other retailers today.

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