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The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté (8/21)

The eclipse is here! Oh man, had to finish this episode before the apocalypse, I mean, eclipse started!

We got some rad guests on the “World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast” today! We got Ben Gravy talking about “Hurricane Gert”, Ben Mondy calling in from France to talk about the seven, yes, SEVEN, surfers in contention for the 2017 WSL World Championship! Wow. Also, final results for Thrasher Magazine’s, King Of The Road, as well as an uplifting chat from the one and only, Beaver Fleming! Oh, and for the first time, skimboarding news, congrats to my favorite skimmer, Blair Conklin for winning the Vic Pro this weekend, the dude rips. Sorry about snow news this week, AKA, pretty weak.

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