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Wish you had time to find NEW music, or, not sure where to look ?

We get it, which is why we started NEW Music For YEW!, a weekly guide to new bangers.  Together, YEW!‘s Chris Cantore and Chris Coté attend hour long (plus) music meetings to decide what’s the absolute best, or most #YEWworthy, tracks to share with YOU!

Here’s what we have for the week of 8/14:

Queens of the Stone Age / “The Evil Has Landed”

The world’s greatest living rock band has unleashed the second track off their forthcoming Villains LP (due out Aug. 25,) and it fucking shreds.  Fuzzy, bluesy guitars mixed with Homme’s frantic vocals = absolute evil magic. — Chris Cantore

Cherry / “Under The Sun”

Did he really drop a line saying something about a, “ … San Diego Chargers Shirt” in the first part of this song? Lemme listen again—yes, oh yes, he did! Anyway, great line, now let’s move on. I’m feeling this song, dude is talking about kickflips, hanging out in a park, good summer vibes, etc. I love the tone, the vibe, and the mellow driving nature of this tune. I like how the vocals start real slacker, then start to escalate and double up mid way through the song. This reminds me just a bit of, Car Seat Headrest with some Magnetic Fields thrown in for good measure. I’m digging Cherry and looking forward to jamming the band’s whole album right in to yo ear holes.—Chris Coté

The National / “Carin at the Liquor Store”

Here we go again, ANOTHER track from The National‘s first album in four years, Sleep Well Beast (due next month,) but, I can’t resist.  I love them so much.  Unlike the previous two singles, “Carin At The Liquor Store” is a moody, depressing ballad that has frontman Matt Berninger howling in pain.  Carin, next time, go to a yoga class ! — Chris Cantore

Mogwai / “Party In The Dark”

Mogwai is one of my all time favorite bands. Most of Mogwai’s music is instrumental, so when they drop a track with “vocals”, you know it’s going to be a special song, and this song, is among the best songs they’ve ever released. I’m listening to this song at volume 11 right now and literally getting chills. Taken from the new album, Every Country’s Sun, coming out 1 Sept 2017 on Rock Action Records, if this song is any indication of how good the whole album is going to be, clear a spot on your “Best of 2017” lists for Mogwai’s upcoming album, I’m counting down the days to hear more music like this. I love you, Mogwai.—Chris Coté

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