The Raddest Surf Vehicle EVER

For the environmentally conscious surfer, the Toyota Prius has dominated the parking lot lineup for years…until now.

Introducing the B1 by New York-based start-up Bollinger Motors, “the world’s first all-electric, all-wheel drive sport utility truck”!

With better horsepower, torque, and ground clearance than any gas-powered truck in its class, the B1 is rough, rugged, and WATERTIGHT ! Sand everywhere ? Not a problem, grab a hose.

And again, it’s 100% electric with a driving range of 200 miles !! Even if you hate the environment, the B1 is so badass looking, you’ll forget about the re-release of the 70’s Ford BRONCO.

Once manufacturing is finalized, deliveries are targeted to start within 18 months.

In early 2018, reservation holders (a la the Tesla model) will be able to order a B1 with a $1000 down payment. Sign us up!!

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