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The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté (7/10)

This episode of “The World’s Greatest Action Sports Podcast” was recorded in the epic city of Vancouver, BC, Canada, and covers everything from my self-filmed Dad-cam triple-skate-park mission, to Pedro Barros’ complete and utter destruction of Vans Park Series Stop #4. I interviewed Steve Van Doren, Tom Schaar, and Rob “Sluggo” Boyce minutes after the Pedro show. We got at least eight new skaters joining the pro ranks as of two weeks ago, Jenkem skates on boner pills, Anti-Hero Video drops, and more. Surf news is all about Jordy Smith winning the Ballito Pro, Jack O’Neill gets the paddle out he deserves, Koa Rothman and Jamie Mitchell almost die, and we’re all probably gonna die if they bury nuclear waster in San Clemente. In Snow news I talk which Olympic events you should watch, and Corey Mac calls in from High Cascade Snowboarding Camp! Oh, all the music in the background is being played by Canadian bands!

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