International Surfing Day is Saturday, June 16 – Do Your Part!

Is there a more respected and beloved environmental organization than the Surfrider Foundation? If you’re a surfer, a beachgoer, or simply someone who understands that without clean oceans we’re all pretty much screwed, you know how important Surfrider’s work is.

Tomorrow is International Surfing Day, a day that Surfrider takes a bit of a breather to celebrate the greatest activity a human can do on two feet. (Ok, the second greatest, if you count Shower Sex.) The Surfrider Foundation launched International Surfing Day back in 2005, and it’s the organizations’s largest single day event, with over 200 individual celebrations held at beaches around the world. The San Diego County Surfrider chapter will be hosting festivities at Moonlight Beach, kicking off at 9:00 AM. It’s your chance to show ’em some love, in the form of getting out to the beach and picking up trash. Bonus: you can paddle out and surf with a few hundred of your closest friends. And there’ll be raffles, beach games, and hopefully a few good waves.

For more information, and to sign up to volunteer, visit the San Diego Surfrider chapter page. Oh, and if you like that artwork, it’s by Russ Pope, and you can buy some cool stuff emblazoned with it here. 100% of the profits will help fund Surfrider’s efforts.

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