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The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté (6/12)

Tatiana Weston Webb talks about her finals appearance in the WSL Outerknown Fiji Pro, Sage Erickson talks creeps on the internet, body image, and shredding. Also Rosy Hodge called in from Fiji! Chris Pastras gives us his Dew Tour preview, Thrasher Magazine’s King Of The Road is Back! Skateboarding super hero Ignacio Echeverria (R.I.P.) Neal Mims gives us his X Games Qualifiers breakdown. Snowboarders pooping their pants, glaciers melting, Jeremy Jones’ letter to Trump. Also, two brothers almost die confronting a 15 foot great white shark, The Los Cabos Open Of Surf went off, Cape Fear documentary is crazy, celebrate 15 years of the “So Pitted” guy, and so much more!

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