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The Monday M.A.S.S. With Chris Coté (5/22)

Tons of shred news with special guests Rob Machado, Dave Wassell, Josh Kerr, plus a brand new segment called “Yew Tell Me” where you send in news from your region—this week we have Paul Hornung sending snow news from the Mid Atlantic. In surf news we got ISA World Games, Dave Wassell springtime Pipeline report, Rob Machado talks Proximity, Aquatic Oddities Surfboards, Surf Splendor Podcast clips, Oi Rio Pro stuff, Felipe Toledo storms the tower, no shark news! Skate is all about Vans Park Series, SLS Nike SB Pro, Creature sections ripping, snow news has a bunch of news about snow, including Shawn White weirdness, and Mammoth Mountain still holding snow for you to shred!