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YEW! it’s time for another installment of NEW MUSIC MONDAY, here’s this week’s most #YEWworthy releases according to YEW!’s  Team CC, Chris Coté + Chris Cantore.

Girlpool / “It Gets More Blue”

Love warm, fuzzy, lo-fi indie pop ? Yeah, me too ! Powerplant, the follow-up to Girlpool’s 2015 debut album, Before the World Was Big, is vastly different to its predecessor — it features drums.  “I think percussion adds a new part of the musical dynamic that we want to explore,” says Cleo Tucker, 1/2 of the Los Angeles duo.  Either way, the music has the same vulnerability and bounce as their previous effort.  — Chris Cantore

Hundred Waters / “Jewel In My Hands”

This band is kind of a mystery to me, and when you dig for more on their website, they are even more of an enigma—I like that. This song comes from a surprise EP that popped up out of nowhere a day or two ago and is the band’s first music release since 2014. This is a strange song in the most beautiful terms. A poppy slow burn in the begging that takes a wild turn in the middle then goes somewhere spacy and powerful. This song sounds like a happy medium between POLICIA and Grimes with a dab, dare I say, Radiohead? This song is a grower. First listen, you’re like, “Oh that sounds cool”. Fifth listen, you’re caught up in the rapture of Hundred Waters and begging for more. —Chris Coté

Todd Rundgren / “Deaf Ears”

Trent Reznor guests on the new Todd Rundgren song “Deaf Ears,” a track from the veteran rocker’s latest album, White Knight. To be honest, I love the music, it’s a synth-pop gem, but the vocals / lyrics may take a few listens before you wanna bang on the drum all day. — Chris Cantore

Josh Frum / “Presage of Emptiness”

One man’s sonic nightmare is another man’s favorite song. Josh Frum’s mathed-out intense, high-speed, stop-start, death growl musical madness is sure to drive your parents crazy, give your little sister night terrors, and potentially leave you with a ore neck from head-banging along to the noisy radness of this track. Every growl to scream to double bass hit to guitar attack is perfectly timed and wildly paced. Death metal? Industrial? Speed thrash tech gnar? However you classify this song, it’s an epic. “Presage Of Emtiness” sounds like ten songs in one and each one is more savage than the last. Metal heads and death fans will love Josh Frum’s latest. Oh, if you’re prone to seizures, you probably shouldn’t watch this video. —Chris Coté

The National /  “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”

The National‘s first album since 2013’s Trouble Will Find Me, Sleep Well Beast (due in September) was recorded + produced by guitarist Aaron Dessner at his home studio in Hudson Valley, New York.  In anticipation, the band unveiled a jangly, driving new track, “The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness,” and like everything they do, it fucking rules. — Chris Cantore

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