It’s not a hotel. It’s Surfhouse.

The Surfhouse Adventure concept is a two-part stoke-o-rama—think Airbnb meets guided Encinitas surf adventure. With a mantra of “Drop in as a guest, take off like a local,” the crew at Surfhouse Adventure love nothing more than to share the Encinitas vibe with their patrons.

Created, built, and expertly run by the Harth family—including brothers, Nikki and Sander Harth, along with their parents, Elisabet Harth, and Michael Harth—they took a somewhat dodgy motel and turned it into “surf inspired boutique motel” in the heart of Leucadia. Sander and Nikki run day-to-day motel operations, as well as the surf adventures: “We make sure to tread lightly when it comes to our surf tours,” smiled Nikki. “We take our guests away from the crowds as to make a better experience for them and to keep locals stoked. We usually have two-to-three guests at a time on our local surf sessions, so we’re very low key. You can stay here in the heart of Leucadia as a guest and just do your own thing or you can add on the surf guide experience, where we will tailor a daily experience for you from surf sessions to local craft beer tours. Of course, we guide our guests to the best burritos in town, and really just show them the Encinitas lifestyle, which as well all know, is incredible.”

Photos by Zach Cordner

The Surfhouse Adventure property and rooms themselves are beautiful and well appointed with great attention to detail. Each room is named after a local surf break (Stone Steps, Beacon’s, Swami’s, etc.) and each room is decorated with artwork by local artists that include Andy Davis, Daniella Manini, Billy Watts, and even mom—Elisabet Harth. The bathrooms are stunning, the accommodations are clean, and most importantly—the vibe is epic. Their incredible location is perfect for exploring Leucadia. Guests can walk to the beach, stroll to a dozen restaurants and bars, you’ve got Coffee Coffee and Surfy Surfy next door, and guests have access to the fleet of Electra beach cruisers, as well as full usage of two outdoor cabana spaces. Most rooms sleep two guests with bunk bed style rooms (coming soon) for up to four guests.

Photos by Zach Cordner

Since opening day last February, Surfhouse Adventures has enjoyed a steady stream of guests from all over the world, including South Africa, Norway, Australia, South America, and even Carlsbad, California!

Overall, Surfhouse Adventures is a great spot for a local “stay-cation” and with a diverse and fun-loving clientele already spreading the good word about this spot, you can bet summertime will be packed with people from all over ready for their Encinitas experience!

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