Ten Reasons You Need To Hit The Boardroom International Surfboard Show

Chris Cote
Written by Chris Cote

Celebrating its tenth year, its sixteenth iteration, the Boardroom (formerly Sacred Craft) highlights the surfboard manufacturing industry — AKA builders of rad surf stuff!

A gathering of like-minded individuals connected by an authentic love for surfing, per the Boardroom “It’s a shred show: top shapers, top boards, top manufacturing processes. Cutting edge stuff. Hard goods are featured and hard-core surfers show up and geek out. Everything and anything that rides waves, or helps us to ride waves i.e. fins, wetsuits, wax, grip, skateboards, training devices, board-shorts, and accessories are on display.” Yes please!  After all, anywhere we can fondle, rub, touch, hug, tickle, and tussle with surfboards, wetsuits, and other fun stuff is #YEWworthy in our book!

So, without further ad-YEW, Here are Ten Reasons You Need To Hit The Boardroom International Surfboard Show (this weekend):

(1) Killer Wet, As In, A Wetsuit

The days of $450 fullsuits are over — we all know they only last one season — so, buy two full-suits ! Have a dry one all season, and you’re still saving money.  After all, Dane Reynolds does it, and you should too.

(2) Better Than Tinder!

You can find your wife or husband at Boardroom.  Think about it, cute boy/girl is checking out boards, you offer to buy him/her some wax and boom—first date is set ! Before you know it you’re honeymooning in the Mentawais splitting peaks (*NOTE: make sure you’re new wife/husband is your opposite stance.)

(3) Free Surfboards For Everybody!

Well, not everybody, but, there are tons of giveaways at The Boardroom — including surfboards, clothes, wetsuits, etc. Oh and Surfline/Waterways is giving away a trip the Mentawias! Sign us, or YEW, up !

(4) Uke Me

Wanna learn how to craft a Ukulele from expert builder, Pep Romero Jr? If so, you’re heading to the right place, dude — he makes Ukes for Jack Johnson and Creature Beschen. Come see the magic.

(5) Carve Wood

Ride the Carver Wave bank! It’s like surfing with no sharks, except if you fall, you may get Masonite burn, which isn’t as bad as it sounds.

(6) The Bums Will Rock

If surfboards, bros, and giveaways, aren’t enough, the epic surf-rock ripper kids, Millionaire Beach Bums, throw down grooves worth the price of admission alone.

(7) Icons Of Foam Is Epic

During the Icons of Foam Tribute to the Masters Shape-off (presented by US Blanks,) ten international shapers will replicate one of legendary Santa Barbara shaper Al Merrick’s classic surfboard designs.  Then, one shaper will be pronounced the winner and be recognized on the Mike Marshall Perpetual Trophy. This is (hands down) one of the coolest thing you’ll ever witness.

(8) Own A Piece Of Surf History

The Boardroom Show Vintage Surfboard Auction always pulls a couple gems out of the rafters to auction off, this year will be no different, get your paddle (and Venmo) ready for a workout!

(9) Best In Show

What’s cool right now? Channel Bottom boards — always have been, always will be. Come check out some insane custom creations that are eclectic and awesome, all with Channels, all incredible.

(10) Down The Line

Not sure if they’ll be recording episodes of the Down The Line Podcast at The Boardroom show, but I do know the hosts, Scott Bass and David Scales, will be on-site. So, stand by them all day, listen to them talk, and pretend you’re at a live Down The Line Podcast!


WHO: The surfboard manufacturing industry, shapers, surfers, designers

WHAT: Latest & greatest surfboards & gear for summer 2017

WHEN: May 6 & 7, 2017 ; Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds, Exhibition Hall

WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things: 1) waves and 2) the equipment to ride them.

Tickets available NOW at

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